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Australian online science fiction adventure drama (sifi) web comic

Terinu is a science fiction adventure comic, done in black and white India ink in comic page format. It is the story of the title character, a fifteen-year-old alien boy, the last known member of a genetically engineered slave race, who is a pawn in a brewing galactic war.

Chapter 24 Page 03
The final chapter of this story arc! 4/3/2014 2:07 AM

Made it!  Finally all the previous content is now online and available.  After many years hiatus chapter twenty four is now ready. Updates will now slow down to one a week to give me time to get a good number of pages completed so I can be certain of being able to upload consistently despite what curve balls life throws me... and it's thrown me a few.  A few of you knew my daughter was in hospital this week... she's doing great by the way and will soon be back on her feet.  My interests have strayed down new paths over the past couple of years, things that required less of me to accomplish than creating a space opera in graphic novel format, and therefore allowing me to pour most of my energies into getting through some of the tough stuff.

Now I'm faced with another challenge.  Because software evolves, I'm having to familiarise myself with new programs to process my hand inked work to the final stage where I can upload it to the site, so that's a bit of a learning curve for me.  But it's one that I enjoy.  I love learning new stuff.

To all of you who have waited so long for this series to resume I hope you will find that it will be worth the wait.  I'm really excited to be able to show the conclusion to this story arc and really, really happy to find I'm back to day dreaming about Terinu and the rest of the mob. 

Thanks again, guys, for hanging about and checking back.  Appreciate it.


terinu Video 7/24/2013 12:00 AM

Hi everyone.  Back again.  Our Site Admin has finished transferring over to our new, much faster server.  You'll be able to read your favourite online comic at a comfortable pace instead of having to wait every time a new page loads.  Enjoy with our compliments. :)

And now that we've settled into our new home... a treat for you...

A short while ago Sir Talen made this excellent video review for Terinu.  It's a great overview of all the main characters in the comic and an outline of the story setting.  With his kind permission I have added it to the blog below. 

Thoughts on each page. 4/24/2013 7:35 PM

Thoughts on each page.

I've started a thread in the forum to add a personal note about some of the pages on the comic.  New notes will coincide with whatever page is currently up.  Not every page will have a note, and the first one is just what I've written here in the last blog post.  But keep an eye out for them.

And a little sketch for fun...

Leeza tries her hand at undercover investigating. 4/24/2013 9:03 AM
Really like the way Leeza turned out on this page.  Just so you know she IS wearing pants in that first panel.  Really should have added some little crinkle marks to make that more obvious.  This scene is one of my favourites from the third story arc. lots of great interactions.  I didn't even mind the number of talking head panels I had to draw.

Drawing up more pages. 2/9/2013 9:36 PM

Working on the last pages of chapter 24.

Sorry about the long delay in updating the comic pages.  Things got a little hectic here so the web page was temporarily put on hold.  Should be the last time this happens.  We are now set to continously upload at a rate of one per day until we've caught up to the end of the last story arc at chapter 24.  Also the memes have been ceased for now as I decided I'd rather work on the comic itself with the time I've got.  I will occassionally through up a meme or a random sketch in this blog so watch out for them.

In other news...

On a recent trip to the beach I got pregnant to a march fly!

Well. Not actually pregnant. I'll explain.

Ryan and I were walking the furkids on the off leash beach near Torquay last Friday. It was 9:00 am and the edge of the surf was alive with clouds of march flies. March flies usually like to eat horse blood but somehow I'm also part of their menu.  Maybe it's because I was born in the year of the horse... dunno'.  Anyway it wasn't long before I felt one bite me on the arm then one made a sneak attack on my belly.  Cue annoying itching and two nasty bite welts.  Didn't think much more of it until the evening when I realised that my belly bite had now swollen to the size of half an apple.  Not good but not fatal.  So taking an antihistamine I went to bed.

Next morning I awoke to see my belly had swollen to the size of foot ball.  Well, I thought, that ain't right.  I also felt pretty crap too.  So off to see my GP.  I don't know what he must of thought when I rocked up for a fly bite but he certainly looked completely gobsmacked when I jumped up on the table and showed him what now, to all the world, looked like a six month pregnany!  He admitted he'd never seen anything like it before.

He sent me home on a long course of antibiotics and prednisolone and the week off work.

On the bright side when I woke up this morning I didn't find a gaping, bloody hole where my belly button used to be and our dear site administrator's face hadn't been eaten off.  Though my son swears he can feel it kick.

100 day meme no.5 8/19/2012 4:31 AM

Meme #5

Dancing With The Stars invites 6 to their show.  Will they accept?

Joleen is such a sweetie.